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For over twenty years, the name Sapna Carder is synonymous with Hair and Beauty in Sri Lanka. This is a story of a childhood hobby of messing around with friends’ hair turning in to a large business. Sapna Carder salon is one of the foremost Hair and Beauty salon in Sri Lanka. Sapna Carder is always associated with class and style, and with the company’s highly trained professional staff, exposed to up to date techniques and trends, the group has earned a reputation for providing quality services which any discerning person could expect. Sapna Carder salon in Sri Lanka specialising in bridal beauty treatment, dressing and grooming. We provide all bridal dressings, bridal dress making and beauty care under the same roof. Salon Sapna is the place you should consider if you need to have wonderful bridal dressing design in your dream wedding day.We always offer customizable packages for affordable price option. We welcome you all to step into Salon Sapna today and get great beauty treatment and bridal dressing service. It is here that you would be getting top class service and products when it comes to wedding dresses, hair care and personal skin care. Sapna carder salon in Ragama is one place that caters to all requirements of preparing for the most eventful day in a lady’s life. Further we provide Consultancy service in hair care, Beauty care, Bridal dressing etc. Salon is run by Sapna carder who is a well-recognized beauty consultant with experience. She studied in Shana’s beauty academy in India and Fernando academy in Sri Lanka. Sapna Carder is well known professional Hair and Beauty Consultant and a mentor with her exceptional abilities. Today Sapna Salon has become one of the beauty salon in Sri Lanka with new facilities like Skin treatment hair worts removing and pigmentation pimple treatment . Today Salon Sapna has grown to become a leader in the hair salon industry and to date operates new branches throughout Sri Lanka. Sapna Carderis also the official beautician for famous Newspapers like Tharuni and TV Channels like Swarnawahini. She has undergone extensive training at globally acclaimed institutions.

Endeavors of Sapna with the aim of elevating the profession of hair dressing in Sri Lanka to an international level. It was initially inspired and encouraged by Uniliver, Hemas, Sigma,Newspapers and Magazines.

Another company owned by Sapna offers short and long term courses on hair dressing, professional make-up and beauty. The course covers various aspects like positive thinking, body perfect, personal hygiene (hair, nail and skin care), make- up, dress sense and posture, also social etiquette, dining etiquette, time management, working wardrobe etc. They conduct workshops in leading corporate establishments like Sansilk hadakari, ITN Programme, Nugasewana Programme, Paba Workshop.